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In Store Music

  • FREE In Store Music Trial
    Free Trial

    Trial In Store Music in your business absolutely free for 30 days.

  • Announcements

    Create announcments can inform customers on products and events.

  • Royalty Free Music
    Royalty Free Music

    No more ongoing and over priced APRA and PPCA fees.

  • Content Management
    Content Management

    Correct scheduling of music & messages is critical to create the right environment.

  • In Store Music Hardware
    In-Store Hardware

    Our network based Instore Player is powerful enough to meet any of your requirements.

  • Taylored Playlists
    Taylored Playlists

    Along side or standard playlists, we can also customise music to suit your needs.


Don't stress over the words. Our copywriters have heaps of experience writing scripts. All you need to do is place your order and highlight any essential details that you would like included. We'll draft your script and send it to you for approval before recording. You'll save time, effort and get a professional result. It's that easy.


Do you have a script you would like translated into English? Or do you require an English script translated to another language. No problem! We work in most modern languages. Our team of multilingual copywriters and professional voice artists will take care of the translation and recording for you.


Our digitally equipped voice over studios are perfectly positioned on the Australian Gold Coast in Sunny Queensland. They are available for hire at very reasonable rates complete with the services of an in-house engineer/producer and access to a tremendous range of music and sound effects libraries. Arrange a quote today.


For a telephone system that needs an external unit to play Messages On Hold we recommend our MOH 1200. It's small enough to fit anywhere, has a normal USB thumb-drive for easy updates to messages and comes with a 3 year warranty. For running an In Store Music program our SC2000 unit is the way to go. It's compact, simple to use and ultra-reliable.