In Store Music

In Store Music is something that until you try it, you don't know how well it works.

We understand that, so we will send you an In Store Music program for 30 days to try it. That way you can see and hear how well it works in your place. We offer you a genuine FREE TRIAL.

The first thing you should know that this FREE TRIAL is custom made for you. This is not a one-size-fits-all program that we simply ship and hope for the best.

Our goal is for you to experience the nearest thing to an actual fully produced In Store Music program. We want you to hear a selection of music and messages created to appeal to the people that shop at your place.

With this FREE TRIAL your customers will hear tracks chosen from our Royalty Free Music library mixed with promotional messages specially written and recorded to appeal to them.

This is one FREE TRIAL that is completely obligation free. When you have received the In Store Music Free Trial program you have 30 days to use it in your store. You simply plug in the In Store Music player and start the Free Trial program. Then, at the end of the 30 days you have the option. Either subscribe to continue with your own full In Store Music program or return the equipment we sent for the Free Trial.

The Free Trial program will contain music and promotional messages. The tracks will come from our extensive libraries of Royalty Free Music. Royalty Free means with In Store Music you are not liable to pay the annual fees levied on Australian businesses by APRA and PPCA.

The music and the promotional messages will be selected to appeal to your customers. The messages will be produced in our Gold Coast recording studios and feature our professional male and female voice artists.

It's obvious we couldn't make a Free Trial offer like this if there was any doubt of the impact In Store Music can make at your place. We are confident you'll realise inside the 30 day trial just how effective the program can be in creating a relaxing mood and adding to your point of sale promotions.

We know it works. Now hear it for yourself at you place of business. To arrange your In Store Music 30 Day FREE TRIAL Click here.

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