In Store Music

An In Store Music program puts you in total control of what customers hear when they are at your place. They hear the music you have selected and only messages about your products and your promotions. It's better than owning a radio station because you don't have to play any ads from the competition!

The announcements playing on your In Store Music program will feature the information you want your customers to hear. You can use the announcements to support your current ad campaign. They can run as stand-alone promotions for in-store activities or seasonal clearance sales. Or you might arrange a joint promo with one of your regular suppliers. There's no end to the opportunities.

Your announcements will sound thoroughly professional. They will be expertly written by our staff of copywriters, voiced by our experienced male and female presenters and put together by our skilled in-house Producers.

The In Store Music program will entertain your customers with music and inform them through the announcements. You'll be creating an enjoyable place to shop with the right sort of music and messages. Your customers won't be bombarded with negative news or assaulted aurally with nasty language and offensive lyrics.

Our people will work with you to determine the number of times each announcement will be played and at what time of day they will appear on the In Store Music program.

Just as the announcements are under your control, so too the music will be according to your direction. Our Royalty Free Music libraries are extensive and contain music of all types. Together we will create the playlists that will run on the In Store Music program. The music selected will be of a style that appeals to your kind of customers.

You probably already know what sort of music will appeal to your customers. As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we understand how sound works. Together we can make a little magic using In Store Music at your place.

Our goal is to help you get the maximum benefit from your In Store Music program. We are sure you will quickly see the benefits showing in your "bottom line". When you begin to share that information with other store owners we know we will have created a situation where everybody wins.

Go ahead now and tune in to some samples of announcements we have created for In Store Music programs; Click here.

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