In Store Music

We are often told one of the great things about having an In Store Music program is the total control it gives a shop owner over what a customer hears while they are shopping.

In Store Music lets you decide what music and messages your customers hear. They aren't going to be subject to songs that need a "bad language" warning. They aren't going to hear nasty news bulletins. And they won't be listening to any advertisments from your competitors.

All the music tracks will be from our "squeaky clean" Royalty Free Music library. There are no "punk-shockers" in our catalogues! Plus all the tracks will have been selected by you working in conjunction with our music experts.

Your In Store Music program only contains music from our libraries of Royalty Free Music. That means, unlike other Australian businesses you don't have to pay any compulsory fees to APRA and PPCA. Our music is exempt from those annual fees. Incidentally those fees are linked to the Australian CPI so needless to say they go up every year. Ouch!!

All the messages your customers will hear during you In Store Music program will be written as instructed by you! Our team of copywriters will draft the scripts for your approval. We will then record the announcements, just down the road, at our recording studios in Nerang on the Queensland Gold Coast. The messages will be voiced by our male and female professional voice over artists and produced by our in-house Producers.

As part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, the messages that form part of your In Store Music program will be finished to same high quality standards we supply to businesses all across Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Throughout your In Store Music program you will only hear the music and messages you have approved. There won't be any advertising from any other company. There won't be any paid political comments. No government agencies' propaganda. Your customers will only hear information about your promotions and your store events.

In Store Music means you are in total control of what the customer hears in your place. Then when you need to change the message or update the information everything can be done online with a minimum of fuss in no time at all.

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