Selecting the best voice for your radio commercial just got a lot more simple. Now you can do your search with the click of a mouse. Go online and hear hundreds of sample recordings from our professional male and female voice over artists. To audition our voice talent, Click here!

After you have decided on a voice over artist or a couple of artists, we will provide you with a free online quote. This couldn't be any more convenient. You haven't even left the desk and you have sourced the voice(s) and with just another click of the mouse you can arrange a no obligation online FREE QUOTE. Simply Click here!

Our pool of professional voice artists covers all types. We have adult males and females as well as kids. We have voice actors able to portray classic roles and comic characters. Whatever voice your script calls for, we have it. Hard sell to soft sell and anything in between.

After you have found a voice you think will be right for your radio commercial, but you still want to make sure of your choice, then provided your script or number of scripts exceed 60 seconds in length, we will supply a FREE DEMO for you.

This is how it works. Send us a copy of your script. We will arrange for the voice talent you have chosen to record a short extract from the script. Then we will send you a link so you can hear the FREE DEMO. That way you can be sure the voice you have chosen is right for your job! How is that for a free service? We make this offer because as part of Media Group Pty Ltd the audio specialists, we know how critical it is to have the right voice working for you.

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