These days it's possible to create involving e-learning projects on your PC, Lap Top or mobile device. You can import pictures, movies and graphics to produce exciting visual communication. The big let-down is usually the audio component. In particular the voice over!

Too often the message you want to get across to staff, suppliers and customers is lost because the voice that was used sounds amateurish and poorly recorded. But it doesn't have to be like that.

We are a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists. On our books we have a vast selection professional voice over talent available at very reasonable rates.

We can provide male and female voice artists with years of experience working in broadcast media. Some of the voices you may recognise from radio and television advertising campaigns, documentaries and drama series.

To make it easy for you to audition the various styles and find a voice that's right for your e-learning project we have put a range of samples on line. You can hear male and female voice artists reading sections from different scripts to help you make a choice.

To hear samples of our male and female professional voice artists, Click here.

When you hear a voice that you believe will be suitable for your project and you want to see if they are available and how much it will cost to have them read the script for your project, we will provide an online quote free of charge.

To find out the cost to record the voice over artist of your choice all you need do is send us a copy of your script and we will send a FREE QUOTE. Click here.

After you have received your free quote and you decide it meets your budget you may also like to request a FREE DEMO.

The Free Demo is a good idea if you still have any doubts about your choice of voice talent. We will have a section of your script recorded by the voice artist you have chosen and send you a link so you can hear it online.

To request a FREE DEMO Click here.

Having listened to the Free Demo by your chosen voice over talent and with the script all approved, provided your account is up to date, you can then advise us to proceed to the final recording.

The recording session will be scheduled at our recording studios located down the M1 at Nerang on the Gold Coast. Our studio/office complex is alongside the motorway with free parking out front and Nespresso in the galley.

You have the choice of directing the recording session in person either sitting in the studio or working over the phone. We can set up a 3-way link with you, the voice talent and the studio engineer. Or you can brief one of our experienced Producers to direct the recording on your behalf.

When the recording of the voice is complete we will send you a link so you can download the file in the format you require.

You can elect to receive all the takes done during the session, or we can send only the "go takes" for you to work with.

Alternatively you can ask us to prepare a finished, fully mixed version including any sound effects noted on the script and music chosen from our Royalty Free Music library. All you have to do then is dub the audio track onto your vision.

We are ready to work with you in the way that best suits your agenda. Start today by listening to the voice samples online and then request a free quote. From there you can also request a Free Demo if you would like to hear your selected voice talent reading an extract of your script.

To find out more, contact us today using the "let's talk" button. Or call the telephone number at the top of the page.

+61 7 55022428