One of the first things an audience notices about a Corporate Video is the audio! All too often a good quality video presentation can be undermined by poor sound. Usually the culprit is a "crook" voice over.

But today this doesn't have to be the case. Today you can go online and listen to hundreds of samples recorded by our pool of professional male and female voice artists. To get started listening to those samples Click here.

After listening to the online samples and you have made a choice, the next step is to arrange a quote. We make that just as simple. To arrange a Free Quote for the voice over artist(s) of your choice Click here.

OK, you have chosen a voice and you have received the free quote. You like the voice, the quote meets your budget, however you are still concerned the voice artist might not be the perfect choice for your Corporate Video. Don't sweat it! Ask us to furnish you with a FREE DEMO.

Send us your script. We will arrange for the voice artist you have selected to record a small section from the script. We will then send you a link so you can listen to the FREE DEMO online.

To arrange a FREE DEMO read by the voice artist of your choice, Click here.

This has to be the most simple, fool-proof method to choose the voice talent for your video production. That's because as a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, it's the way we do things. We cross all the T's and dot all the I's.

When you have chosen the voice, approved the quote and the free demo and assuming your account is all in order, the next thing is to give us the "OK" to proceed to recording the complete script.

For your convenience we can do the recording and mixing on your behalf. All you need to do is brief one of our experienced Producers and they will direct the voice artist during the recording session. This also happens to be the most cost effective way to do the recording.

After the voice is recorded the best "takes" will be compiled and the finished track will be mixed with any Sound Effects indicated on the script and some appropriate music chosen from our Royalty Free Music library. We will send you a link to download full mix as an audio file in your preferred format.

As an alternative you can direct everything by "remote control". Working with our studio Engineer you can supervise the voice recording session over the phone, then select the "go takes" and oversee the compile and mix.

You can also take a full hands-on approach. This is obviously the most time demanding method and so increases the costs. You will need to attend our studios on the Gold Coast to personally direct the voice talent during the recording session. Then select the best takes, choose the Sound Effects and Music Tracks and supervise the final mix.

If you would like to discuss the best way for you to find and record the right voice choice for your Corporate Video, Click "Contact" on this page. Or you can talk to us right now by using the "Give Us a Call" button.

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