Why does everybody get "pen-shy" when it's time to write the script? Don't get too stressed! We have experienced Copywriters who aren't afraid to put the words in the correct order to best communicate your message.

Writing for audio is a lot different to writing for print. But our Copywriters are experienced and know how to get the results you are after. They know that when a professional voice over artist reads a script, a great deal of the communication is achieved by inflections, pauses, a subtle change of tone or the pace of the read.

Understanding how the spoken word differs from the written word is an integral part in effective copywriting. Our seasoned writers utilise the nuances involved to carefully craft scripts for all media.

When you require writing for radio, television or a medium like cinema, the internet, or the telephone, we can provide the script. Simply send a short description of what you need and our writers will work on a first draft for you without delay.

Even if you have made a start and something has been partially written, include that with your brief. We will review the work to see if fulfils the aim of the project and use any suitable content as we prepare the complete script.

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