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Phone Messages

Even with the rising popularity of VOIP telephones, many phone systems still need an external unit to replay On Hold Messages to callers. If you have one of these systems we have some good news. We can supply you with one of the most compact, reliable and economical players available. It's the MOH 1200.

An MOH 1200 player will fit snuggly under a counter-top or in a desk drawer and play your On Hold Messages day in and day out for years. The MOH 1200 runs off a standard USB memory stick (thumb drive) and is supplied with a 3-year warranty. It has its own power supply, audio cable and operating instructions and is easily installed by your phone technician.

The MOH 1200 has a built in speaker and volume control so you can check to make sure your messages are being replayed correctly. Updating the messages on the MOH 1200 is as simple as transferring the USB stick to a computer. We will send you a link to go online and download the new program of On Hold Messages.

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