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Phone Messages

The purpose of a professional Messages On Hold program is to minimise the chance of callers hanging-up and then taking their business to your competitor.

OK, that's the extreme, but even if they don't hang up and your On Hold program consists of those beastly chimes or deathly silence you are certainly not projecting a great image for your business.

On the other hand, when you have a professional program of On Hold Messages you can keep callers on the line with informative and entertaining messages. At the same time you will be showing your company does care about its customers and wants to be seen as a well organised business.

Think about the times you have been put on hold! Were you stuck with boring "elevator music"? Were you left in an abyss of silence not knowing if you were still connected? Perhaps you were inflicted with a radio playing risque hip-hop tracks or advertising spots from the company's rivals.

With professionally produced On Hold Messages you have the chance to tell callers some details about your operations. You might have a promotion running or a special offer. You could have a new product launch you would like to mention or even a season's greeting.

Remember the telephone is personal. It's one-on-one communication. An ideal medium for you to pitch to existing clients and prospective customers with no other distractions.

Your On Hold Messages help demonstrate the importance you place on customer service. They also display your company's professionalism while building confidence in your products and services.

When you have a program of professionally produced On Hold Messages you need to be able to update them as required. You need to be able to slot in the new promotion or special offer. You might have to change more than one message.

Updates must be able to be completed easily and at short notice. For that reason we allow everything to be done "online". All you need to do is follow the prompts on the Media Group website.

If a new script has been written simply up-load it. If our writers are required to write the new script, just up-load the copy points and we will send back a draft for you to approve/emend.

Professional On Hold Messages will help you to maximise your telephone's communication capability. As a part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we understand the importance of well written, professionally voiced and produced On Hold Messages.

So make the most of your phone with Messages On Hold, arrange a free quote online; Click here.

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