Phone Messages

It's not often you get something for free these days, but we are giving you this chance to get an on-hold message written and recorded absolutely FREE.

Here's your opportunity to try before you buy. A no-risk way to evaluate our professional quality On Hold Messages.

We will write and record your Free On Hold Message exactly the way we produce phone messages for our regular clients. Your Free message will be the real deal. That's because we know after you hear how good the sample sounds, you will be sure to go ahead and order a program of On Hold Messages for your business.

To get things underway go online to our website and tell us one or two important things about your company. Maybe it's a unique product feature or your excellent customer service or a special price offer. We will do the rest.

One of our experienced Copywriters will draft a script. We will then choose a professional male or female voice over artist to record the script in our Gold Coast recording studios. We will add any sound effects indicated by the writer and mix in some suitable music from our library of Royalty Free Music.

Finally we will send you a "link" so you can go online and listen to your Free On Hold Message playing. You can listen to it as often as you like and get some people from the office to listen as well.

We think you will be impressed with the Free Sample and then we can start working with you to prepare a complete program of On Hold Messages.

To order your On Hold Message FREE sample, Click here.

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