Phone Messages

It's disappointing to the caller when they hear a message to say the office is closed. However it's far worse if that message is poorly worded, badly recorded and read by a rank amateur.

The After Hours Message plays an important role in presenting your company as a professional organisation. It becomes a part of your "image". A poor quality message can do more damage than having the phone ring out.

Callers will be more than favourably impressed when you have an expertly written, well recorded After Hours Message spoken by one of our professional Male or Female Voice over artists. And you might be surprised at how affordable it can be.

Your customers' perception of your business is formed not only by what they see but also what they hear. How your business "sounds" makes a difference. What they hear on radio, TV, the internet and at presentations or trade shows all adds up to how they think of you. When they call on the telephone and hear an After Hours Message that also forms part of the way they view your organisation.

It is therefore important that on the phone you make the best impression.

When a caller hears a truly professional After Hours Message it communicates your care not just for your "image" but the care you have for your customers too. After all they want to feel good about doing business with you.

An After Hours Message should firstly thank them for the call. It should advise them of your normal operating hours and invite them to call back. Your telephone system may also have a facility to record a message with the caller's number and name. Invite them to leave a brief message and be sure to return their call.

The After Hours Messages we produce for you will be recorded in our state of the art studios on the Gold Coast. One of our team of Copywriters will draft the script and we will send it to you for approval prior to recording. The script will be read by a professional male of female voice over artist.

You can go on line and select the voice talent you want to read your After Hours Message. We have uploaded samples of our announcers reading After Hours Messages. Each announcer is identified by a number for you to use when completing your online order.

You can make updates or changes to your After Hours Message at any time.

Be sure your business has a professional After Hours Message.

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After Hours Message Sample Script:

Thank you for calling (put the company name here), but unfortunately you have called outside our normal operating hours and we are closed for the day. Our opening hours are (mention the hours of operation). Please call back during opening hours. Alternatively you can leave a brief message with your name and number and we will return your call when the office re-opens. Leave your message after the "beep". Thank you.

Medical Services After Hours Message Sample Script:

Thank you for calling (put in the name of Doctor or Medical Centre), however you have called outside our normal opening hours. If this call concerns a medical emergency please hang up now and dial 000 to request an ambulance. Otherwise please call back during our opening hours which are (insert normal opening hours). If you wish to leave a brief message with your name and number we will return your call during normal opening hours. Please record your message after the tone.

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